AMEN BREAKS (Deluxe Version)


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AMEN BREAKS is my love letter to pop music.


released August 21, 2015

© 2015 Mister Long Records Time Imprint
Lyrics written by William Long
All instruments by William Long
Produced at Mister Long Studios in Millington, TN by Time



all rights reserved


Mister Long Records Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Track Name: CONFESS
I’ve never been more open than this
i wanna keep these hands around you
and its you who i wanna whisper all of these deep heavy secrets to

you can tell me where you’re going
but i can show you what i mean
no words really need to be said here
so let me just paint this scene


welcome to my sanctuary
the door is unlocked for you
this is my church
this god you can pray to

you can kneel at my altar
you can drink from my wine
you can confess your sins
and to you ill confess mine

girl i want this love to be our church
the refuge that we need
when the world makes us weary
its here that we can bleed

theres nothing else to say
i wanna step right out of time
no other way to say it
lets see forever in your eyes
Track Name: U
i can feel the wind blow on my face
like you blew past me in the race
but you know you’ll never win
cuz i won’t let you at the end

who’s the villain in our case
at least I’ve never had an about face
i guess he looks like its you
i think you’ll never come to

i always thought you were the wrong leader
always thought it should’ve been me
even though we got through to the end
i was right and they could all see

you made a fool
you you you made a fool
you made a fool of yourself

understand one thing if you can
i don’t see you with any plan
or a map with a look at the back
of the next person falling down the cracks
Track Name: WAIT
can’t you see the stop sign
on a new day thats mine

just another hour
just another sec
every single day
just let the clock tick

beat me into the ground
so ill never be found
because i can’t wait for you
and i know you can’t wait too

just know
even tho it might not show
i still need you
and i do miss you
Track Name: FALLING
Why does it have to be so dramatic
This love won't leave
And I don't wanna break your heart
I don't wanna be a tease

No you said you wouldn't leave
But maybe I want to
No I can't leave
But maybe I want to

But I can't

Never leave me
Even when I say I'm done
You say you love me
But it's only just begun

I wanna be your man
Under all of these stars
give me your secrets
Let me have your heart

This is only gonna be dramatic
This love won't leave
I can't break your heart
And this can't be a tease


remember that one time?
it was me and you
the sun was hot
and we didn’t care

we just sat
and talked about our lives
like we were supposed to
but there was something more

and i think i was falling in love


Never leave me
Even when I say I'm done
You say you love me
But it's only just begun

This time
I'm in love
And I didn't mean to
I didn't mean to


can you breathe this island air with me?
sometimes i miss the earth
sometimes i miss you
but from the view up here
all i can see is infinite blue

i wanna go back to the beginning
and stay under the palm
from the view up here
it all looks so calm


are you ready for this
can you take the heat from it
come on lets run

Show me your heart
will it explode like a supernova
lets drive into the sun


when you say those words
when i call you back
after the tone silence
and all i see is black

let the heat wash over me
i wanna burn in this wave
theres nothing left to do
nothing left to save


you and i
we’ll burn